Deepak Bahl – Brother of Rita Malhotra

Deepak Bahl was born on 23 Oct 1950. He was a great source of strength for his dad in his professional work. He is held in high esteem in cultural and social circles of Kolkata. After expiry of his dad and mom, he performed his duties well towards his three sisters. He is very humorous and is the live wire in any gathering. He got married to Anjana Kapoor on 16 May 1979 and they are blessed with a son Chetan (married to Vijaya) and a daughter Kanika. Anjana maintains a very cordial relation with everyone in the family.

Mala Bahl Arora

Mala Bahl Arora was born on 11 Jul 1954. She is very affectionate and dedicated to her family. She got married to Mr. Pravesh Arora on 7 Dec 1978. They are blessed with two sons, Prashant who is married to Ina and Nikhil who is married to Suvidha. Prashant and Ina have two beautiful daughters Prina and Kaira. Mala played her role well to keep the family together and happy. She is very popular amongst her friends. Pravesh is a wonderful person who can withstand tremendous stress and come out smiling.


Roopum Bahl Nayar

Roopum affectionately called Dolly born on 15 Jan 1958 is youngest amongst three sisters and a brother. Being youngest she had been darling daughter of parents. She is smart and can handle any situation. She can put across her point very well and generally wins arguing her point of view. She got married to Ashok Nayar on 25 Nov 1984. The couple is blessed with a daughter Neha who is married to Sidhayan and a son Arjun. Unfortunately, Ashok died on 29 Dec 2006. It was a big loss to our family and we all miss his physical presence. After Ashok Dolly has managed her affairs and family very well. Ashok was an excellent family man!