Neeraj Malhotra

Having done MBA in US, he was back in India six months before dad’s retirement. He joined a company as assistant manager. Within 19 months of his joining the company, three Americans who were running the company left for US after appointing him CEO.

He was married to Anu Khosla. Anu proved lucky for the family. He built an excellent Bungalow when he was 35, whereas the General could buy a flat after 33 years of service and that too after taking a loan. There is no bigger happiness for a father than to find his son and daughter doing comparatively ten times better than him. Neeraj had been great help to needy members of extended family. Before buying the car, he had only one requirement, the car should be able to accommodate all six so that everyone travels together. Have no words to explain, the looking after that parents got. There are two lovely grandchildren Janvi and Neel who show so much love and affection for grandparents.

Anu Malhotra

Anu Khosla Malhotra born on 3rd Nov 1971 got married to Neeraj Malhotra on 31st Dec 1997. Anu is a go-getter and extremely efficient. She has tremendous energy to work for long hours. She brought lot of good luck to Neeraj and all family members. Neeraj progressed professionally and socially very well after marriage due to her constant support and wishes. She has been putting tremendous effort towards wellbeing of Janvi and Neel. She manages household resources very efficiently and looks after the domestic staff. She is popular amongst her friends who always seek her advice.

Neeraj, Anu, janvi and Neel family life!