Namita Malhotra Vadhera

Namita lovely daughter and son-in-law Amit are again so concerned. One must be very lucky to have children like Namita and Amit. Namita did MBA in US after marriage. Credit for her doing extremely well on this course goes to Amit.

Visit to Namita and Amit at times had been for six months. From day one of visit to last day of stay they always showered so much love and affection. Both are such a loving company. There is nothing more important for parents of a girl than to know that daughter is happy after marriage and is enjoying love, affection and respect of everyone in new environments. Two lovely grandchildren Varun and Ria are great source of strength for elderly grandparents.

General is proud of entire family and considers himself luckiest soldier, husband, father and grandfather. Thankful to GOD almighty.

Amit Vadhera

Amit Vadhera born on 13th Mar 1973, got married to Namita on 03 Jul 1999. We have been very lucky to have Amit as our son-in-law. Amit is a wonderful person and is a perfect son, husband and father. We have enjoyed his hospitality many times in the US extending up to six months at a stretch. From day one of our arrival to day of departure say after six months, there had not been a dull moment in his company. Genuine love, care and respect for us has always been there and evident in his daily interactions with us. His way of dealing with elders, colleagues and kids is worth emulating.

Amit, Namita, Varun and Ria family life!