Routine life carried on. We were aging gracefully and grandchildren were growing up and doing well in life! We spent a lot of time in their company.sort of reliving our childhood with them. What a difference though when we compare our younger days with the life style of young children of today. Life in our days was so simple without any gadgets and limited requirements.

During 2013 both of us went to visit some soldiers who were close to us in their villages. It was great fun to be there as we interacted with their children and exchanged gifts and pleasantries with their families. We stayed in their houses with family and had all meals with them. It was an excellent experience. It was good to note that these veterans were managing themselves very well.

During this period two trips were made to the US. We attended the wedding of dear Anita. Ria was also born a day after our arrival. Ria was four months when we returned to India.