The Partition of a Nation and 1947 to 1962 and a young Lieutenant is born!

During the partition of India to save themselves, the family (consisting of father, mother and three kids) had to move from place to place dressed as Muslims. Mother in ‘Burkha’, father wearing a Turkish cap and everyone was all given a Muslim name. named accordingly . These two items were given by a Muslim friend who was the ‘Nawab’ of a princely state,; to be used as and when required to hide ourthe religious identity recalls Shanti. Finally, the family landed in India with almost no money and no means to secure the daily other necessities of life .

With moist eyes Shanti recalls: “On arrival in India myfather had to work hard conducting classes for students at our place or centrally at one place for long hours. Being an educationist and an excellent sportsman, he was always concerned about children’s education and good upbringing. Despitemeager resources he ensured that his children got the very best and an all-round development. Financial constraints were never felt by any child. Mother spent a lot of time and effort to give a value system to the children that would form the basis for them to be successful in life.