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Rita Malhotra

At times, the veteran General wonders what would have happened if Rita was not his life partner. From day one after marriage she always remained totally concerned for her in laws. He would not have become a Major General but for her advice on day to day activities. The values she gave to children and the way they were brought up is admirable. If she is assigned a job she always does it seriously and to best of her capabilities. She is perfect in managing finance especially when it is limited. She has now good experience in this as finance had always been limited. Food can be so delicious when prepared by her.

Sh. Rajindar Parkash Bahl

Sh. Rajindar Prashad Bahl was born on 23 Sep 1924. He was the eldest amongst three brothers and a sister. He was married to Smt. Krishna Handa on 17 Feb 1947. Raj was an excellent husband, and a very loving father. Being a businessman and a Govt contractor, his business kept him away to the extreme eastern part of the country while the family was settled at Calcutta. Sh. Rajindar Prashad was very honest in his professional dealings and a thorough gentleman in his day to day activities. He enjoyed respect from all members of the family and friends.
He left for his heavenly abode on 10 Dec 2006. He will always be remembered with lot of love and respect.

Smt. Krishna Bahl

Smt. Krishna Bahl was born on 22 Aug 1929. She had two sisters and a brother. She was a very wise and responsible lady whose advice was sought by relations both younger and elders and friends. She brought up her three daughters and a son very well, despite husband mostly being away for business. Due to her pleasant nature and ability to converse well, she will fit in any company/gathering. Her grandchildren loved her a lot and were always enjoyed being with her. She breathed her last on 8 Apr 2011 and left big vacuum.